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Beautiful CPO inspired overshirt by Kings of Indigo, made from an indigo dyed sashiko like fabric.


K.O.I. Angus fit, with classic CPO anchor buttons, in the loosely woven Indigo Panama fabric.

It's thick, yet feels light, with a fluid drape. Colored with natural indigo dye, meaning it will fade a little over time in much the same way as our beloved denim does. But why rush a good thing? Thanks to it's polygiene antimicrobial coating it wont get dirty as quickly, so you can wash it less often. That means water savings, handed down to you!


100% organic cotton


Washing and drying accounts for ⅔ of the environmental impact ofclothing. To reduce the need for home laundering, we now offer garmentstreated with Polygiene®. Textiles treated with Polygiene® don’t need tobe washed as often, they simply stay clean longer.


Polygiene® works like a protective shield to help you keep your clothes fresh for longer. Polygiene® contains low concentrations of silver salt to prevent odour-causing bacteria from growing at the source. The finish is applied at the final stages of production and is only active on the textiles itself. Our Polygiene® treated textiles require a lot less washing which saves water, energy, time and money and it improves the lifespan of the product so you can enjoy it longer.

K.O.I. Sashiko CPO Shirt

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