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From the height of the ‘Atomic Age’, we're bringing you this rare and beautiful reversible Japanese ‘atom bomb’ souvenir jacket, dating to the early 1950’s. A jacket with great historical significance.


“Souvenir jackets” or  “Yokosuka jackets,” were named as such, because they started to be tailor embroidered near the big US military base around Yokosuka, during the post war occupation in the 1940's and early 1950s. They are still referred to as “suka-jan” (short for Yokosuka janpaa— or jumper). These jackets were brought back to the United States by American G.I.'s as literal souvenirs and were purchased as gifts for family members and close friends. Nowadays they have become a major collectors’ item in both the Japan and the US. 


The Eniwetok Atoll, or known to the Japanese as 'Brown Island', was held by the Japanese from 1914 until its capture by the United States in February 1944, during WWII, becoming US Naval Base Eniwetok. After the end of WWII, Eniwetok came under the control of the United States, and the atoll was used for nuclear testing. 43 nuclear tests were fired at Eniwetok from 1948 to 1958, including the first h-bomb test, code-named Ivy Mike (1952).


The place names, for instance: Engebi (Enjepe), means “basket isle”–referring to the richness and abundance that was once there before the war and the atomic tests.  “Piiai” (Pillae) means “trickling water.”  “Japtan” (Jeptaan) means “straining arrowroot for the first time,” which might be a reference to centuries of starvation and hardship in these often drought-stricken northern islands.  “Bogallua” is probably Bokwā-luo, which means “shells,” to indicate that this was where the waves washed shells to the beaches, and a good place for harvesting shells that could be used as tools, decorations, and food.  All of those words have meanings which are completely lost on both American and Japanese “readers” of these places across time. 


Tag size Men's Small



Pit to pit: 51cm - 20"

Centre back length (without collar): 51,5cm - 20 1/4"


H-Bomb Sukajan Jacket

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