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Pick your favorite buddy! These work jackets & denim jackets adorned with Buddy Lee drawings on the back, have been designed & hand painted by CKX Studio.  Cowboy Buddy #1 SOLDDeadstock work jacketShoulders: 20"Pit to pit: 22"Length: 27" Cowboy Buddy #2 SOLDVintage work jacket - Faded HBT - paint on sleeveShoulders: 18.5"Pit to pit: 22.5"Length: 27.5" Cowboy Buddy #3Vintage women's work jacket - Faded HBT - Contrast stitching - Staining on sleeveShoulders: 18"Pit to pit: 22.5"Length: 27" Engineer Buddy #1 SOLDDeadstock work jacket - HBT - Metal buttonsShoulders: 19.5"Pit to pit: 22.5"Length: 29.5" Engineer Buddy #2Vintage women's work jacket - HBT fabricShoulders: 17"Pit to pit: 20.5"Length: 27" Engineer Buddy #3 SOLD Denim Buddy #1SOLD Denim Buddy #2Lee 101 - Gold Selvedge - Lined denim vestTag size men's SShoulders: 16.5"Pit to pit 19.5"Length: 23.5"

Buddy Workers

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