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Vintage women's 'hiking' boots from the 1920's/1930's by Endicott Johnson, USA.
In very wearable state. Some scratches to the leather, as expected for shoes of this age, but otherwise these boots are in absolutely amazing condition.
Total length measured on the outside 10” / 25,5 cm
Would fit a modern size 36 to 37(narrow).
The Endicott-Johnson Corporation emerged from the modest Lester Brothers Company, manufacturers of boots and shoes, that began in 1854. It was created through the tenacity and vision of great American entrepreneur George F. Johnson. Johnson rose from abject poverty to ownership of one of the largest shoe industries in the world. The village of Endicott was built by Johnson c. 1901, and the Triple Cities of Binghamton, Johnson City, and Endicott made up a classic shoe town USA. At its peak, during the 1920s and 1930s, EJ employed twenty thousand people. The monumental impact of corporate policies on life and the local landscape survived long after company doors closed.
The EJ brand of "welfare capitalism" resulted in a company town where employee benefits nearly overshadowed the making of shoes and where intense loyalty to the company still exists. Revolutionary labor-relation policies and a benevolent relationship between corporation and community made EJ an example of a "square deal" business. George F. Johnson, who’d risen through the ranks to his position, Endicott-Johnson offered its employees generous benefits and amenities and the company boasted high production, low turnover, no strikes and a prosperous company town.

Laces need to be replaced for wearing. Would make a great display piece as well!

1930's Women's Hiking Boots

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