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The Arkwright waistcoat is the perfect way to complete any workwear ensemble. It has a flattering 1930's fit, creating a classic silhouette when combined with the Arkwright jacket or the SJC denim workwear trousers.


The Arkwright is a nod to Britain’s historic cotton manufacturing in rural Derbyshire, named after the inventor and “father of the modern industrial factory system" - Richard Arkwright. 

The grey cloth seen here is SJC's own chambray open-weave with a Cabernet stripe. A vista of colours and textures upon close inspection, the weave blends into mild grey tones and the texture softens when observed from afar. It’s 16oz in weight, satisfyingly heavy and perfect for everyday wear.



  • Cinch belt-back
  • 6-button 
  • Jetted Pockets
  • Elegant front points

SJC - Open Weave Arkwright Waistcoat

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