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Welcome to the world beyond the brands: the manufacturers, the mills, the fabric designers, the dreamers, the innovators – everyone who reinvents denim on a daily basis. Book of Denim is not only an exploration of the industry, but also of the art and personal stories that define this most singular of fabrics.


The first Book of Denim appeared almost three years ago with previously untold behind-the-scenes stories that focused on the makers, innovators and, manufacturers both large and small who are driving the denim industry into the future. Now almost sold out, the book also proved to be a starting point for further journeys into the essence of denim…

Book of Denim, Volume 2 arose from these journeys as well as the ongoing conversations and collaborations between the book’s creative and editorial team and a range of industry experts, stylists, photographers, and writers. The book brings together views and perspectives on both the craft and the industry behind this most iconic of fabrics backed by comprehensive storytelling and poetic visuals. The result is an “in-depth snapshot” of a rapidly transforming domain led by players actively seeking more sustainable and transparent approaches.


Hardcover, 304 pages

Book of Denim vol. 2

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