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This workshop will focus on the 19th century photographic printing process cyanotype, better known as 'blueprint'.

We will start with a short introduction into the history of blueprints, as well as a detailed explanation of all the materials needed to work with this technique, and the possibilities on different surfaces.
Step by step you will learn how to make your own light sensitive paper, after which we expose it in sunlight or another UV source to make your own photographs and photograms.
We will try different methods of printing, and after the workshop you will take home the works that you made.

In addition there is also the possibilty to buy our Cyanotype Kit (with discount) after the class, to continue with this beautiful and easy process at home.

The workshop will be held in Dutch and/or English, and in a small group of 5-8 people.
Coffee/tea and a small snack is included.

We advise you to wear old clothes, although an apron is also available.

Upcoming date: No dates available yet
11:00 - 15:00

This workshop is also available for private groups on location. Contact us at

Blueprint Workshop

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