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Shonai work vest / sodenashi (reversible)

Late 1800s / early 1900s


This sodenashi (sleeveless vest) is from Shonai which is in present-day Yamagata prefecture in Japan's rural Tohoku region. It is made of indigo dyed, hand loomed cottons and it is entirely hand stitched.

Looking at the photographs, you will see that this sodenashi is intricately sashiko stitched: there are lines of stitching all over the coat which quilt its two cotton layers together. This is typical for the Shonai region.

For it's age, this vest is still in amazing condition. Both inside and out are truely stunning, which makes it wearable on both sides. 


Neck to hem: 
Shoulder to shoulder: 


Estimated size: Medium / Large 

Antique Japanese Shonai Sodenashi

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