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Antique 'turkey red' bandana. Double selvedge side. Deadstock condition.

The bandana features a map of Italy, with important towns and their coat of arms. 

In the top right corner is written:

'Italia, redenta ed una, per valori dei suoi soldati, 3 novembre 1918.'

Which translates to: Italy, redeemed and one, for the valor of its soldiers. November 3, 1918.


November 3rd 1918, marking the end of warfare between Allies and Associated Powers and Austria-Hungary during World War I. On this day Austria-Hungary signed the Armistice of Villa Giusti with the Allies in Padua to end the war on the Italian Front.


Made by : Stamperia Italiana De Angeli Milano

(Italian printing house 'De Angeli', Milano)

De Angeli-Frua was an Italian textile company founded in 1896 by Ernesto De Angeli and Giuseppe Frua. The full name was "De Angeli-Frua, Società per l'industria dei tessuti stampati S.p.A." and as Stampati it was abbreviated in the list of the Milan Stock Exchange. It ceased production in 1968.


Marked: Brevettato 



Approx 50 x 52cm

19 1/2" x 20 1/2" 


WWI Turkey Red Double Selvedge Bandana

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