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Chimayo Weaving.


This long-awaited study is the first to examine the Rio Grande Hispanic weaving tradition from 1870 to the present. In the past, the story of the weavers of northern New Mexico has often been distorted in popular and scholarly literature by perpetuating romantic lore that has surrounded the craft and by labelling products for the tourist and curio markets as inauthentic and inferior. The book emphasises that the long tradition of Hispanic weaving was born in the interaction among weavers, merchants, and consumers; it explores this trade and how it has changed over time. The authors have examined the historic records of trade in woven goods as well as actual textiles in private and public collections and have interviewed many contemporary weavers. Taken together, these perspectives form a case study of the adaptability of a craft tradition to the modern world. This thorough and beautifully illustrated study is essential reading for anyone interested in the ongoing tradition of weaving in New Mexico and for anyone who weaves or who wants to appreciate and understand the craft more fully.


232 pages


Chimayo Weaving

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