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Original vintage Levi's 701 selvedge jeans, made in USA c. 1950's 

Also known as the 'Monroe Model'. Highly sought after pair of jeans, and a 'grail piece' for many.

The 701 was introduced in 1934 as an alternative to the 501, geared towards working women, and later popularized by Marilyn Monroe. The super high tied in waist, and straight leg from the thigh, make it a more feminine model than the slim mid rise 501 of the time. The 701 is also made with a lighter gauge denim for women, who were have said to not like the thicker denim cloth used in the mens line. The 701 is much harder to find nowadays, as they produced them a lot less than the 501.


This particular pair is in amazing condition, especially considering it's age. Buttery soft denim, with a beautiful mid wash color. Talon zipper and hidden rivets. Very special to find them in such a beautiful condition with no damage. 


Approximate size Women's Medium - W27/28 (high waist).

Waist: 13.5" (resting) - 14" (pulled straight) / 34,5cm (resting) - 36cm (pulled straight)

Rise 13.5" / 34cm

Inseam 32.5" / 82cm



1950's Levi's 701

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